Family Residence Visa - wrong passports for kids and visa issued

Dear Saudi Expats,

Please help me with right information, I had applied the Family residence visa in Jeddah and I am from India. I wrongly entered older passport numbers of my kids. In case, the visa has been approved which has been applied online in Absher and visa number also issued to me.

Now, I want to change the passport numbers of my two kids. Is there any possibility of correction by going Absher office in Jeddah or should I cancel this visa and if I can will I get refund of SAR 2000 or even if I lose SAR 2000 can I reapply family residence visa. My wife's and doughter's passport numbers entered correctly but only my kids passport numbers are mistakely enter wrong.

Can any one help as the visa will expire on 28th Feb 2020

syed arshad

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Hello...bro will u please tell how long permanent residence visa takes to be issued by ksa government generally?? & can visit visa be converted into permanent Visa for ksa??

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