Salary update MOM for DP applications

Hi All,

I am in the midst of updating my salary to MOM to further proceed with DP applications for my wife and child.

Our HR has submitted the update with my 3 month payslips and latest IRAS statement end in the beginning of January. On the 15th of Jan MOM updated that the salary update was rejected and advised us to update the salary once my pass is due for renewal. HR appealed and explained the reason for Salary update. On the 20th January MOM asked for further supporting docs including 3 month bank statements from me and the companies, as well as justification of big salary jump. Now in the beginning of February, MOM asked to resubmit further docs.

I am waiting for the the salary update confirmation so we can proceed with the DP applications.
My wife and child is currently in Singapore on social visit pass and I may need to extend via ICA for a further 30 days.. as don't want them to travel out of singapore in the time being due to the Corona virus situation..

My question is, could MOM reject salary update when the increase can be proved and justified? Also, the whole process has taken a month.. is there usually a time frame for all of this?

Thanks and appreciate the help

We have discussed similar situation few times already. I too have mentioned that each change at employer and employee end must have a rationale.

You didn’t tell us what percentage your salary got hike that MoM found it suspicious? Any unusual hike (anything above 10%) will draw a question mark at MoM, as in normal trend within a company at best someone can get 3% to 8%.

Hence, in your case company has to show the bank statements to proof and subsequently provide a strong rationale the reason for any unusual salary hike. MoM has its own criteria to consider or reject based on the details provided by your employer.

But in a genuine case, MoM should accept. Good luck

Thanks for the advice.

In my case I was promoted up 4 months ago due to operations needs and sudden changes, thus the big hike in salary. (way more than 10%)

Will continue to wait and see the what MOM requires as its the only thing I can do now. But I do hope it turns out fine as its a genuine case like you mentioned, as everything asked is given.


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