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Greetings all:
Article 20 has some inspiring tax breaks for PR expats who are residents, requiring 183 + days per year residency. We will exceed that and are asking for any advice or referral to tax professional that can sort out our tax liability for retirement income that is Social Security and federal pension--federal agency is present on Puerto Rico, BTW.
Any help and/or referrals much appreciated.
Buen dia

I would suggest to do a search in Facebook for act 20/22 groups, there are several.
also there are several acts 20,22, 60, 74. Some of the acts have been turned into a new number after some changes, I think 60 and 74 are the new ones but not sure. In those groups you will find ads from professionals that can help you for a fee.
After initial consultation seek others otherwise you may end up paying more than you should.

Thank you ReyP

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