Living in istanbul

Hi i was looking for some advice,is there anyone living in istanbul and if so,Are you safe over there,? How did you find being there and do you see alot of british people there,? Is life cheaper there than the cold wet dull UK,I am looking for advice from someone who is just about to do what i am doing please..

Hi Robie,

Istanbul to be honest is not a very safe country especially in some areas, at night it is very dangerous.

Weather is not as cold and dark as UK. Now it is winter yuo can see some rain but it is ok. Every season is nice in Istanbul… cheap vs expensive debate, this depends on your income and your spendings.

Thanks for your reply i was going there soon to stay with friends who are turkish ! I don't no now plus i am living in olu deniz soon aswell.Aw naw crazy xx thanks  tesekurler 🤣🤭

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