Filtering water

Hi. So I am moving to the Dominican case is diff from many bc I am Dominican but most of my life is in the USA.

Anyhow, y'all buy the water in the huge blue gallons or do you filter the tap? I want a berkey filter so I am wondering...

I but the big bottles!  They are around a dollar each.

I'd guess the vast majority of folks use bottles just for cooking and drinking. You can buy pumps that work with bottled water for ice makers.

I had a system once with 2 carbon filled bottles, salt tank and clorine tank and while I was happy with the result, I wouldn't drink the water.

We buy the big blue bottles.

Why not if it was filled?

If you go to Unidos in Santo Domingo (Bella Vista), you will find on display several inexpensive domestic options to treat water including reverse osmosis.

No UV to kill bacteria.

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