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Hope you're all doing well. I am a graduate holding bachelor's in Business Administration and have a achieved  IATA diplomas  in Travel and Tourism Consultant along with Passenger Ground Services. I also have a diploma in Amadus GDS software.

I need to know if it's possible to obtain a job at the Bahrain International Airport or any major Airline company as a Customer Service executive with all these qualifications.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank You

Entry level they prefer Bahrainis.   But you can try your luck by applying.

Thank you. Any suggested websites to hunt for job hunting (Travel consultant/ Airline customer service executive) in Bahrain or anywhere else in the GCC?

These are the usual job portals which you will find in the forums.  I believe the UAE forum has a list of such job portals e.g. bayt etc.   Or apply directly on the company website.

If you ask me, you will have more of a chance in the UAE vs. Bahrain.  In Bahrain, locals are 50% of the population, educated and willing to work hard.   As a result, it is VERY easy to find locals for entry level jobs.   In UAE, the locals are only 20% of the population and as such, can easily get jobs in their preferred industries like banks etc, which then leaves the entry level jobs to the expats.

Thanks a lot for the heads up, brother. Surely will look into it. Very very very much appreciated.  :)  :top:

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