Shipping 12 boxes from Hanoi to UK

Hi, any tips on sending a dozen boxes of personal effects to the UK (books, clothes, DVDs, some kitchen stuff)?  Speed is not important, economy is.  The big movers only seem interested in larger quantities.  VietPost comes in at VND6million for each 20Kg box.  Speed is not important, economy is.  Thanks!

If it was put on a pallet, banded and wrapped and sent ocean LCL would probably cost you around $1,000USD but it's difficult for you to do that without a freight forwarder to work with and I have no idea what customs clearance would be like on a bunch of used stuff.  When I ship products to the US every item has to be identified with a description, value and Harmonized Tariff Code.  Not sure if you have the HTC in UK but you can't just lump 12 boxes or random used stuff as "personal effects" and likely be successful on LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping.  Again, my experience to the US would be about 8 weeks,  Not sure to UK but probably similar.

I really don't have a better solution other than culling it down based on "is this box really worth $240 to me?" and cut it in half.  It sounds like most of the stuff is easily replaceable.

When we move back to the US in a year or so we are each taking our allotted two pieces of Vietnamese luggage (cardboard boxes to save weight for  the contents over the weight of real luggage) and the rest will be given away.


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