Good day everyone. What would the process be to purchase a new car in Mauritius. I have PR in Mauritius and will be moving semi-permanently to Mauritius in a few months. I would like to purchase a new small car cash ( no contracts). What documents are required and how long does the process take. I’ll have to rent a car for the interim period and I would like to know for how long I should arrange the rental car. It might happen that I’ll have to leave the car for a month or so in order to attend to business in South Africa. Is there safe undercover parking or garages available to rent? I would not like to leave a new car unattended and parked in the open for an extended period of time even in a secure complex. Thanks.

Good day.

Buying a new car is not a long process if you have all the necessary documents - ID, passport, your resident permit, driving license (if required), banking details for payment, etc -  and can complete all the required formalities necessary for the transaction.

The only delay can come from the seller depending on the type of car you are buying and how they process things.
I would suggest you check with the car dealer where you will be buying your car first and then decide how long you want to rent a car.

Depending on where you will be staying in Mauritius, if the complex or residence has secure parking facilities with CCTV surveillance and a watchmen, then you should be ok for a month. Just notify the rental agent or representative that you will be away for some time.

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