New to Puerto Rico

My husband and I relocated to PR about 8 months ago. We moved here from Washington State. My husband is Puerto Rican and retired military. I thought I would enjoy retired life along with him, however I am going crazy not working! I do not speak fluent Spanish but do understand quite a bit. My husband is happy staying home however I am not. I thought I would NEVER say this but I am bored to death here! Looking for work and activities that do not require speaking fluent Spanish.

Maybe you should look into federal jobs and also jobs that are remote. You can also contact the tourist industry and see if anything is available and apply.

You can pickup a hobbie, donate your free time to a number of causes

Maybe if you're finding employment hard to come by you could do some volunteer work? I know I've seen opportunities helping the earthquake victims in the south and I believe there are even still opportunities for Maria recovery. If you're an animal lover, maybe a sato project?

I had a  a similiar  situation with my pr-husband. I thought we would enjoy life together, go to different places and beaches and stuff but my husband loved staying at home whenever he had nothing to do. At least I found a job managing an Airbnb rental. I was bored and lonely....

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