Hi new member looking for information on visa/ marriage in saudi

I've been scouring the internet and have been having a hard time getting conclusive information about marrying a saudi national.

I am a muslim convert from the us. I would like to marry a saudi woman and bring her back to the us immigration wise.

I have been looking and you need a residence permit in order to get married. I'm wondering if there is anyway for me to be able to travel to get married. File paper work to bring the spouse to us while providing her a place to live in saudi. I would travel back to the us for work reasons as i can earn better here . Then once the documents are done processing bring her with me to the us.

Well, you need a residence permit for one and secondly, to marry a Saudi national, you need permission from the Government.  Which is difficult to get if the criteria is not satisfied e.g. age etc.   Without permission, the marriage is not recognized in Saudi.   While this is not an issue for you as you are not planning to live there; the problem is that US immigration i.e. US Embassy in Saudi, won't accept any marriage without due proof of it being legal in Saudi - which brings you back full circle.

The simplest way is for her to come to the US on a tourist visa, you get married in a court there and then use that paperwork to apply for a settlement visa.

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