traffic fine being wrongly charged-traveling with a friend,an offense?

I have been fined for carrying my friend along with me in my car at Sohar area, just because we are not working in the same company. Is traveling with your friends is an offense by the new rule?
The policeman didn't want to hear anything , he simply took my mulkia ( vehicle registration) and civil ID then registered a fine ( not even issued a ticket or get my signature on the challan). the very next day,when i checked online, the fine( OMR 10.000) has charged on my license already. This was quite surprising to me, that we are not allowed to go around with friends or go for a party, films along with our cousins who working in another company? Even, we may be fined for traveling with wife if she is working in another company.
Anyone have similar experience kindly share and kindly lemme know, if have any open forum to contact to clarify this kind of issues. Or any media person those can get a clarification from the ROP regarding these new issues.

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