Help from hebrew speakers

Dear hebrew speakers

I would like to give my new business venture a hebrew touch - by adding a hebrew word to the name.
My business deals with interiors and furniture.

As I don't speak Hebrew - I have used the online dictionaries but cannot see/find anything catchy.

I would be very grateful for any tips or hints for catching words that can  be used to name my business.

All the best and many thanks in advance

Can you share your vision of your business? Are you the retailer (online/brick and mortar) or the designer.. craftsman.. Please share more info and your relationship with your business (what you're most passionate about)- - -   though I do not speak Hebrew I am a lover of all things Hebraic and can help with the starter. I also have Hebrew speaking friends - I can def. help with honing in on the words (picture-words since Hebrew is such)

Hi Angel
Thanks for replying to my call for help.
I am the retailer importing the furniture to the USA.
The products are high end and so targeting high net worth individuals.
I am passionate about design delivering a beautiful product to my customers.
I hope that helps.
Take care.

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