best options to search job offers

I am fall in love in Dominican republic. I would like to moved there and find a job. Where is the best option to searching some job offers? Can someone help?
I am drom Poland but living in Nederland. I speaking english, comunicate dutch, polish and started learning spanish.

Hi Beata87,

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Make sure to read the Work in the Dominican Republic article, you will find some useful information.

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Thank you very much. I will read it:)

Welcome to the forums.  To get a job you must have residency or a job.offer where they will sponsor a work visa.   They are very hard to find.  Almost no one sponsors work visas anymore.  Exceptions are high end tourism positions and teachers. 

Online platforms are all in Spanish.

What are your skill sets?  We can give you an idea of options, likelihood of work and pay scales.

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