Best place in Europe move to for Permaculture?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen!

Me and my partner are currently in the process of saving up to buy land inorder to start a homestead/permaculture farm. The question is, where should we go?

At the moment we live in the UK (I'm from Poland however) and we definitely want to move out of here. Preferably we would like to stay within Europe so that it is easy to visit both our families. We would love a place that has a good amount of sun. We have thought of Pyrenees/north of Spain/Portugal due to weather and the fact that I have traveled in that area quite a bit. Germany is also another possibility.

However, we are both worried over the social aspects of living as expats in such a rural area.

Any advice or ideas? Especially if it's  from someone who has done this before, I would massively appreciate it!!

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