Families - thinking about moving in Riyadh

Thinking of moving out to SA with my husband and children.  His job will be away from us and he’s been advised that the majority of families stay in Riyadh.  He’d commute at weekends.  We currently live in UK and I would love to hear your advice on the following (not sure if I should split them into different forums - admin let me know and I’ll change the post).

1. Best compounds for families. We have 4 children so would like a 5 bedroomed place...unless the rooms are large. Somewhere with lots to do. Is Riyadh really the best place and which areas?
2. How do school compare to UK state schools regarding curriculum variety and standards?  How much do they cost per child?
3. Is it better to Import our car or buy one there?
4. What’s it like to go out and about outside of the compounds with a family?

Anything else you wanted to know before you moved out with kids!  We’re an adventurous family and don’t mind a challenge.

Thanks in advance

welcome to Riyadh , wish you good luck and you can enjoy each and every moment here
moreover if you need any help let me know

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