Cost of Living 2020

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Will be relocating to Bahrain next month and wanted to get refreshed views on cost of living, taking into account basic needs for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 young kids).

1) How much do you spend on rent for a 3-4 bedroom apartment or villa?

2) Cost of utilities (3-4 bedroom house) i.e. water, gas, electricity?

3) How much is your monthly budget for groceries?

4) Will be working in Seef area. How much should I budget monthly for lunch?

5) Cost of British/American international school?

6) Monthly expense to buy/lease a SUV? Plan to be in Bahrain for at least 2 years so I guess buying is a better option than leasing?

7) Monthly budget for fuel and car cleaning/maintenance, assuming 1 hour commute per day for 6 days a week.

8) Monthly budget for live-in domestic helper? If part-time what's reasonable hourly rate?

9) Monthly budget for cell phone plan, cable TV, internet?

10) Budget for medical costs? Fortunately have company provided medical insurance, but others might benefit.

11) Monthly gym or social club membership cost?

12) Any other key aspects of  living costs I may have missed out and estimates?

I would suggest to read this thread.

Granted that it is COL for 2019 but there hasn't been any major changes to this so far.  If anything, rentals are on the lower side now.

Then ask whatever has not been answered.

Thanks a lot [at]XTang! I knew I could count on you for a swift response. Good to know there hasn’t been massive changes since last year. If anything, lower rental rates is music to my ears. :)

I read somewhere that utility rates for expats are likely to be reviewed lower? Is this right?


There are rumors but nothing confirmed yet.

Thanks for your response XTang!!

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