Suggestions for Towns/Communities for Active Retirees

My husband and I are planning on taking steps toward retiring permanently in Costa Rica. We'd like to start with a 90-day visa, during which time we'd explore the country and get a feel for where we'd like to live. We'd welcome any suggestions for communities (we're active, youngish retirees who like to get outside as much as possible...not all that interested in shopping or dining out) and suggestions about trustworthy rental companies to use. We'd love to be close to the beach, but we love the mountains too.

There is no doubt you will find their perfect place in Costa Rica!  Everything you desire is here somewhere, you’ve got the plan, just go for it. I’d start with Airbnb and TripAdvisor because you get legit reviews. Also be sure to add yours because it helps others. Check Facebook for local groups in the areas you are staying like nosara has nosara rant and rave and you get lots of info about things to do and watch out for. Also the embassy has a lot of information and helpful gatherings. Best of luck!  Excited for your new adventure and second half of life!!

San Ramon has a pretty active community for retirees. How young/old are you if you don't mind - it would help determine where you might be best off.
I think  most any community can be good if you're outgoing, if you speak Spanish and want to get involved with others...
I'm more of a stay home and work on my property in the mountains type, but I know others in San Ramon who are more social, go to weekly meetings, get involved with the community and so on.
There's a big difference between beach living and mountain living so maybe try some time at each one to determine which you really prefer.
I love the beach, but it's generally more crowded (that may be good if that's what you want!), things are more expensive there, there's more mold/humidity issues to deal with, it's usually further from any bigger town, and it's generally hotter more of the year.
Those are some reasons why I chose to live in the mountains outside of San Ramon.
But I do love the beach so I can see why many people choose that as well.
Oh, and the weather is a big difference:
At the beach you will generally get a lot more rain per year and more heat. But of course unless you live above 4000 feet, all of Costa Rica is hot sometimes - and even at that altitude it's hot during day time when the sun beats down!

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