Some news from Guizhou province pls ?


There's few years ago I needed to leave China because I divorced my wife (she is Chinese) in Guiyang city in Guizhou province .
Of course that made a bad relationship between us and she kept our children. After a time I was alone in China and received no help to have even a chance to stay and my visa was out of date.
So I needed leave China and  come back against my will in my country  and there's few years ago I have no news from our children.

I'm not here to make any judgment, to be angry against someone and complain about my live.
However If you can understand the feeling like parent is very hard and painful to have no news from children during few years but you can also understand it's terrible with the event of coronavirus.
My children still good health ? Are they always alive ? Even if I ‘m not sure they live in the city.

I have the habit to have no help but at least if someone can give me some news and tell me what's about situation in Guiyang city I'll be grateful for this.

Thousand thanks.

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