Newbies to India 2020

Hi everyone

Am Karen, and will be staying in Mumbai for few months to not say a living in Dakar ( Senegal West Africa) for 8 years now bur originally from Madagascar, Hubby is Indian, and this time me and my kid 4 years old boy planning to stay longer for his School and Therapies ( Born Deaf but wearing cochlear implant and hear properly but need to learn how to talk). Anyway I have been in Mumbai once for a month in 2018,did not explore much but my question here is, is that a safe place? and nice to leave for a short term? am a Mining construction professional and Project Management so far but at the same time would like to study Special Education or Post Graduate Hospitality Management MBA. Any lead? and ill be Glad to meet some French speacking person too cause am French Native.

Thanks for reading and reaching me out

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