Is Neighbour Noise Nuisance Part of Everyday Life in Gibraltar?

With most folk in Gibraltar living in apartments and with many of those apartment buildings being more than a few years old and therefore not necessarily well insulated, is it fair to assume that almost everyone in Gibraltar has to put up with significant neighbour noise coming at them through their walls, floors and ceilings?  And if so, is there any sort of general awareness of this, leading to a culture of neighbours showing each other consideration?  Or is it a total free-for-all, with everyone blasting each other out with TVs, hifis, video games, computer games and musical instruments late into the night, whilst simultaneously walking around in hard-soled shoes on bare-boarded floors, regardless of their income bracket?

If that's how it is, are the local authorities capable of clamping down on these sort of incidents as they arise or is their attitude merely one of "Well, what do you expect if you live in a flat or maisonette in a place as crowded as Gibraltar?"

As a person contemplating relocating to Gibraltar after years of inner-city life surrounded by antisocial behaviour, I thought I'd better enquire whether there's actually such a thing as consideration to be found amongst the resident population or whether human beings are exactly the same everywhere in the world  -  thoughtless and selfish unless someone's holding a gun to their heads.  I've had more than enough sleep deprivation over the years and don't exactly fancy any more, y'know?

Thank you for your thoughts on this.

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