My wife will be working remotely after our move and have been asked how soon She can start. How long does it take to get internet turned on? Who do you use, what kind of speed/performance do you have, and approximate cost?
Thanks much

It depends on where you are - it's going to be better in a bigger city.  Quito and Guayaquil may have the best and fastest connections.  Some areas will have NO internet available, or service will be slow and unreliable.

Here are some links you could read, and I hope others will chime in with their experiences: … et-options … -internet/

In Guayaquil, we use Netlife, using it for more than a year. Zero downtime except citywide blackouts.

We have 100mbps fiber optics for $55 per month. Super fast, we share our connection with my mother in law. Enough bandwidth that I can do video conferencing while my wife surfs and mother in law watches Netflix in high def.

We switched from Claro.

It took about 8 days from the day we signed up until installation.

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