Heat Transfer Vinyls for Shirts

Hello there. I am currently designing a family project. Since I love designing shirt prints before I'd like to upgrade and try Vinyls. I have designed a cool family shirt already but I am in need of HTV Vinyls. Does anyone here know where to purchase HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyls here in Jeddah. After my design is approve for our family reunion, I might buy more. So please, help me.

I don't like to buy online because I want to see for myself the quality of the vinyl and I also like to ask the seller what is best for different kinds of textile. Thank you very much.

I have seen it in Balad Corniche market 1st floor.

Wow! Thanks. I haven't been in Balad for a long time. Is that the one near NCB the big branch? Thanks again.

ya that's right

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