I live in SA and recently completed my degree from pakistan. I came here and got a job offer but i need to attest my degree. But for attestation i need job offer letter attested and a request letter from the company that wants to hire me according to a agent i contacted in pakistan. The company refuses to give me the request letter stating that ill be under their sponsership saying that its against their rules. Is there a way to get my degree attested without a request letter. I live in Saudi arabia and have a valid iqama under my father.

No, as far as I can tell you a request letter is mandatory for Saudi culture attestation. For further information you may contact them.

Your agent requests to attest your degree are all valid , so you have to follow this. It seems though the company who offered you a job is not cooperative and do not have much experience in onboarding process.

Any ideas as to how i can get them to give me the request letter. And is it possible they might retract their job offer if this gets to hectic?

Any ideas as to how to get them to give me the request letter and is it possible that they might retract their job offer due to this issue

Can't say anything...

Keep in mind that Job offer by itself has validity period. In case you fail to sign and accept their offer within the validity period, the employer might retract it. Best thing to do is to call them, talk to them and explain that you need extension days (ample time) to review thoroughly the terms and conditions stipulated in the job offer letter.

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