I need advice

I have recently been in contact with a guy living in Tunis. We have been webbing over 2 months and everyday he has't stopped texting. A few weeks bk he stated that he is down and depressed due to not having a job any longer. He said he had bills to pay because he is alone with his Mother. He didn't ask directly, due to seeing him so disheartened I sent some help, including to help top up his wifi which recently expired. For a while now he has spoken of really wanting a life with me including having children, he mentioned that by this time next yr we have to be together and act, he is wishing to come to the Uk for study and eventually work here. Discussions are often intense
However, a few days bk he mentioned he would be embarking on a journey to the South of Tunisia with his friend who is a lorry driver and he said for 7 to 8 days he will really miss not contacting me via web in the evenings, but he would not let a day pass without texting me. It's now 2 long days no contact, he hasnt been on line, I myself have travelled to Tunisia lmany times, including the South and I know for sure that if u really want to contact u can find a way. I also booked tickets to go to Tunis to meet him next week but after this total silence I have so much worry and second thoughts. I just need some opinions regarding this matter, I feel so disappointed and all this silence is followed by question marks. Please help


:lol: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-11/ … s/10785676

An example compared to thousands...

Thing is I've already purchased flight tickets for next week 2 days costing me 315..What do I do? Coz once he's bk I'm 100 percent sure he will do all to talk and want me to go.

Find a friend who will accompany you and treat yourself to a party weekend

Sorry to hear that. please be careful he could be scammer

What makes you think this ..I havent given any details.

Just doubt

How did you know him? Did you meet him personally?

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