Tax Refund 2019

Hi All,

I Joined digital agency in Malaysia, KL by June 3rd 2019 they deducted 28% tax for first 6 months in salary. I was out of country only for 5 days in that first 6 months.

I have to claim that tax and get it refunded now. I asked for EA form and PCB(II) form but my HR is telling will give PCB(II) form only during resignation/termination and EA form will be given before March 31 2020 for 2019 year.

But I'm planning to go back to India urgently. Can I claim my tax now in February 2020 for June 2019 - Nov 2019 (6 months)? or I will have to wait till March 2020 and Claim my tax and then resign? Also my contract ends on 30 May 2020.

Kindly let me know what are the documents and steps required to get the tax refund for the first 6 months (June 2019-Nov 2019) and by when I can claim it?

Thank you!

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