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My name is Corrina and I am coming to Vietnam in March 2020.
I have certification through TEFL to teach English.  In saying this I also have extensive experience in sales, publicity & PR work, business development, events and administration.  The areas I have worked in were anything from a travel company, Fuji Xerox to book launches, CD and music video launches, running events for a number of charities and more.
My question is this.  Would it be better for me to apply when I am in Vietnam or could I start browsing potential positions now.  If this is the case, what would be the best way for me to seek employment online? 
Thank you for any assistance.

I think that you should try now...better!!
Good luck

I'd also give a shot, you should be able to find a virtual assistant or customer support remote position.

You can find teaching jobs and post your CV here:

Start networking now to set up potential interviews upon arrival.

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