Looking for a beginner's course on playing violin

I am an Indian living in Berlin for the past 6 months. I am interested in learning to play violin. I am waiting for my blue card to arrive which will take another one month. Meanwhile I would like to use this free time to learn playing an instrument. I know it is an art and it takes time to become a professional. My intention is to use my time well and start this journey  with crash course and reach a level from where I can learn on my own. I am a total beginner and would like to know if there are some cheap courses in Berlin to learn violin.

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Could you please drop an advert in the Music classes in Berlin section of the website ?

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I have no personal information about this subject but one can simply google “Geigenunterricht Berlin” and find lots of results. The following link gives a whole list of people/schools offering such instruction. Up to you to follow-up on the individual possibilities to find details like prices, times and where they are located.

https://www.violinorum.com/de/unterrich … ht-berlin/

The more cost effective classes are at a Volkshochschule (community college).
These usually offer once-a-week classes, which is probably not what you are after.
Private music school or freelance teachers (many of them students at conservatories) are more flexibe. Expect to pay €40 - 120 per hour.

I didn’t make a comprehensive comparison so I didn’t post anything about costs in my previous post. But a couple of places listed in Berlin mentioned something like one 30-minute class per week costing around 70 Euros a month or twice a week for 120 Euros/month.   But I took a look online at the Berlin VHS and find lots of courses for guitar, drums and one for ukulele but nothing mentioned about violin. But another possibility other than a music school would to be to find a private tutor say over Ebay.

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