Does a Preschool need to be registered?

Hello, posting to hopefully get some info. A friend of mine from Haiti wants me to go into business with her; she wants to open a daycare. My friend is a lawyer and claims that the business would not need to be registered as it will be run from home. I cannot find anything to support this so wanted to see if anyone has heard of this, as I would like everything to be done properly.

Thanks in advance!

It will need to have a corporation!  You will need.proper insurance etc but as.its not a school won't need licensing as a school.

Your friend will need to have a valid cedula in work in the day care. 

Will you here?  If not, be very careful.

Hello Planner, Thanks for your response. My friend has a cedula and I already live here and am in the residency process. Am I right in understanding that to register as a corporation, we would need a board of directors? If so is there another way as we would want to run the daycare ourselves. Would the best bet be to do this via a lawyer or is the registration/insurance process something one could do easily enough? Thanks again!

No honey,  things have changed.  For an SRL you need two shareholders and they do not need to be equal. 

Setting up a corporation is not easy and getting the insurance in place will be.  First you need the corp, then the corp gets the insurance. That gets the shareholders protected!

I will send you a private message with more info.

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