Moving to paradise

Hi all
Well I've been offered my dream job of developing luxury properties on Mauritius. I will be moving over with my family and both have so many questions.

1)  shipping vehicles is a minefield is it worth the hassle.. I have a couple of babies called Harley and Ducati can't leave them at home..

2) buying plant and machinery, can anyone advise.

3) are there social groups for expats, to help integrate with local communities.

As a newbie to this group please be gentle with me.. 🤗🤗

Hi Sickofuk,

Welcome to Expat.Com  :)

Happy for you that you have been offered an opportunity here.

I suggest that you read the How to bring your car to Mauritius thread to gather as much information as possible.

Concerning plant and machinery, what kind of professional material are you looking for exactly ?


Hi Bhavna
Thank you for your message. Think I'm making progress with shipping.

Looking for suppliers for excavator and commercial vehicle in Mauritius.

Any help would be great

Thank you

You are most welcome to the island.
Surely look forward in meeting you

Hello SickofUK,

Will try to help you with some of your questions.

1) It's definitely possible to ship your bikes to Mauritius. That said, the process can be strenuous and there are conditions on the shipment and you will have to incur taxes and duties.

Conditions like the year the bike was registered, the cylinder capacity of the engine, etc.

or you can inquire with a freight forwarding agent with business experience with Mauritius

2) Are you looking for new or used machinery?

There are dealerships where you can buy new equipment and machinery or you can get second-hand ones from contractors or construction companies.

3) yes, depending on where you will be in Mauritius, there are social groups and networks - they are also here on Expat Blog and on Facebook.

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