Moving to Mexico City in 1 week


I've been to Mexico City multiple times, but these were short stays (no longer than 1 week).
I'm Korean/American.
Looking to move to CDMX for a couple months.

Couple of questions:

1. Best areas to live ?
    - I'm looking around $1600 - $2200 USD / Month Near Polanco / La Reforma.
    - Needs to be safe (especially for foreigners/asians/americans).

2. LEGIT health insurance coverage ?
    - Recently lived in Brazil for 8 months, used Cigna (TOTAL SCAM).
    - Need health insurance from anything like having flu/cold to having broken leg/MRIs.

3. Best FRESH Grocery Stores ?
    - In Brazil it was at first difficult to find high quality grocery stores, i'd like to NOT make the same mistakes again.
    - Looking for fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Meats/Fish. Yes, I've had food poisoning and maybe even hep A from brazilian unclean food. I would like to avoid this too.

4. Best Hospitals ?
    - What are the most high quality hospitals in CDMX? Which is the best ?

I'm from NY / Los Angeles.
Feel free to hmu if you wanna meetup sometime!
Forgive my spanish.

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