Adopting a pet in South Africa


Are you a dog or a cat person? A pet can add life to a home and make an ideal travel companion during your expatriation in South Africa.

However, formalities or regulations might put you off traveling with your pet making adoption a better option.

Are there any particular rules or procedures for the adoption of an animal in South Africa?

What are the costs associated with adopting a pet in South Africa?

Are there different procedures depending on the animal?

Are pet-sitting options available?

Have you ever adopted a pet in South Africa? Is he or she still with you today?

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You can adopt a pet informally through a friend, or through organizations such as SPCA or the various rescue organizations. You can find SPCA kennels in every reasonably sized town. For particular breeds search on Facebook "name of breed + rescue".
Costs will depend on the organization, but will generally be under or around R800. Females may be more than males as it is more expensive to spay them.
Always, when you adopt, please consider spaying and neutering, especially cats, to reduce the number of unhomed animals on the streets.
You are doing a wonderful thing when you give a rescue a safe home.

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