Adopting a pet in Kuwait


Are you a dog or a cat person? A pet can add life to a home and make an ideal travel companion during your expatriation in Kuwait.

However, formalities or regulations might put you off traveling with your pet making adoption a better option.

Are there any particular rules or procedures for the adoption of an animal in Kuwait?

What are the costs associated with adopting a pet in Kuwait?

Are there different procedures depending on the animal?

Are pet-sitting options available?

Have you ever adopted a pet in Kuwait? Is he or she still with you today?

Thank you in advance for your feedback,


There is only one proper shelter left in Kuwait which has been running now for about 5 years. Its called Adopt A Street Princess (search for them on Instagram [at]adopt_a_street_princess), they have a farm 30 minutes from the city and you can go there and they will match you with the right rescue dog for your personality and needs (size, energy levels, character, child friendly, etc.). Their adoption fees vary between 45 - 90 KD and they always welcome donations to survive. All dogs from them are vaccinated, microchipped and come with registered passports. The German lady who runs it also is very friendly and gives free advice before, during and after your adoption, from behavioural dog issues to health and travel / government paperwork. I've adopted 5 dogs from Adopt A Street Princess Shelter, so I can definitely recommend them!

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