Adopting a pet in Cyprus


Are you a dog or a cat person? A pet can add life to a home and make an ideal travel companion during your expatriation in Cyprus.

However, formalities or regulations might put you off traveling with your pet making adoption a better option.

Are there any particular rules or procedures for the adoption of an animal in Cyprus?

What are the costs associated with adopting a pet in Cyprus?

Are there different procedures depending on the animal?

Are pet-sitting options available?

Have you ever adopted a pet in Cyprus? Is he or she still with you today?

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I came to Cyprus with my dog which had to travel as cargo, landed in Larnaca. Even with information (that its difficult)  it was a nightmare (that it was night didn't help either) to find the warehouse and the Emirates office to pay handling fee in the Cargo area located in the old airport.
I'm thinking about another dog. I got told the adoption as such doesn't cost but for Vet, ( e.g. blood test) it costs between 150.- /200.Eu.


Having a pet is a big responsibility, i had a dog and i gave her away recently because of my neighbors, if you’re living in a flat! Its a big No No, specially if you have a neighbors that hate pets 😅😅😅.

Hi Manou

many of the shelters have dogs for adoption/fostering and will usually do the veterinarian work for a small donation - paphiakos, paws, stray haven - even talk to the the vet next to the post office as he often gets strays brought in....

I am both a dog and a cat person - I am currently a cat person with my own feline furball brought here from Malta over 5 years ago... so we have him and 7 others all feral cats and kinda rescued from their plight. We take care of them in our garden they have all been neutered with the help of ONLY TNR (who I volunteer for)  they have shelter from the winds rain and sun, they have fresh food and water every day.. tick and flea collars and are wormed as required. All characters in their own rights.

yes there are rules and legislation to be adhered to - and for Brits this may well change dramatically once Brexit is completed by Dec 2020...

note - -

Cyprus sadly isnt the most accepting of pets  = most animals are seen as tools to be used until of no further use then dumped.

Thus many people rescue them to become pets.... its a very serious decision to bring pets with you, keep them on leads as poisoning is rampant.....and be sure to have anti venom kit with you all the time.. snakes, poisonous procession caterpillars  and of course the odd large spider too .....not to mention sand fly which can lead to a killer in leishmania....   

shelters are full to the gunnels with strays so think long and hard about adopting or fostering rather than buying here... vet services and treatments arent cheap.

There are many people who not only pet sit ( in their own homes or in yours) but some also do dog walking too.

So take care everyone, look after yourselves and your pets be very wary and aware of the dangers

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