Seeking job in istanbul

Hey guys

Hope you' re all doing good

Would like just to know what's the best way to search a job potion in turkey (istanbul)?

Do I have to go through employment agencies ?

I am an MBA graduate and a perfectly trilangual ( arabic-frensh-english) person.

What about the rent is it affordable or not?

Thanks a lot guys.

Hi Ouzianelouali and welcome to :)

Please have a look at the offers we have in the Jobs in Istanbul section and the Housing in Istanbul section. :)

You can even post your own advert saying you are looking for a job and a place to rent in the corresponding section/s.

Also, make sure to read our guide, specially the  "Working in Istanbul" article.

Any other plans in Istanbul or any other questions, feel free to ask the community. :)



Thank you   :)  :)

Hi! First of all, if your english level is good. it would be easier for you to get a job. of course your arabic can help you about some translation stuff or press work. what is your field? what kind of job do u seek?

Thanks for your response.

Yeahh I have had an english language graduatiin from the uni.

I am willing to work in any position in the  administration sector. I did a genaral MBA and got a c1 level in frensh language as well

Kinds regard.

To be honest, I am not sure where you can work.  ı wish u good luck..

Looolll thanks for your help anyway

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