Visa on arrival from Nong Khai Friendship Bridge?

Hi, I am new to this forum. I live in Thailand and have visited Lao many times in the past.
My question is, can I still get a visa on arrival coming from Nong Khai?
The e-visa sounds good but it is $50 compared to the $35 cost in the past (maybe it has increased?)

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Welcome to the forum.

Yes you can get visa on arrival when coming from Nong Khai. Gets very busy though so the idea of E-visa seems tempting.  You could try getting there early.
The cost has risen.

Thats good to know..what is the VOA cost for a US citizen now?

Visa cost as per website is US$35 for 30 day visa.

When your visa has 5 days left on it the visa can be renewed at Immigration office in Vientiane for another 30 days.

The office is in Khun Bu Lom Road. Tuktuk drivers will know where it is. A short walk from Talat Sao (morning market)

You fill out a form, pay Kip25,000 fee plus Kip20,000 per day for extension. You will need passport and photo.

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