Best VPN secured service to use in KSA

Hello everyone,
I'm planning to move in KSA and I would like to know if someone can recommend a secure vpn service to use from your experience. Also what's the best way to call back in Europe Skype, Viber, WhatsApp..?? I'm little bit concerned about all the restrictions. Much appreciated any advice. Thank you!

Hi Cristina, there are many apps available on the app market. If you are using an android device, I suggest you and ProtonVPN. Secondly, to call, the apps you mentioned would work. WhatsApp needs a VPN to unblock the call facility(saying from my experience). I have not used Viber. Besides, try IMO(very common and widely used), Signal(most secure), ToTok.

I use NordVPN.  Works fine with everything including whatsapp.   Also it also allows me to bypass Netflix content restrictions - I can watch US shows easily.   But it is a paid service.

Try to Use ''VPN 360'' it's free and can let you pass anything.

I use Warp free VPN that can be upgraded. I can send you referral if share contact. This is 24/7 no impact VPN unlike other free ones at time interfere with some. Google Duo is best call service with or without video. IMO and Viber is pain with spam. WhatsApp works well with VPN.

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