Abu Dhabi - family of 5 - is the salary enough?

Hi everyone,

A school is looking for teachers in Abu Dhabi and I am quite interested by the job but wanted to check if it could work .

The salary is around 10800AED per month and the housing allowance is 30000AED , we are 5 in the family and only one child will be going to school ( taken care of by the school) .

I was wondering if it could work to live there with this salary ???

Thank you


With total cash of 13,300 per month and 5 people, it will be very tough.   You will have to make drastic lifestyle changes to be able to cope.    Most of your salary will go towards housing as you will need at least a 2-3 bed apartment to fit everyone.

You haven't mentioned medical?  does your employer cover it for everyone?  as that is a big expense if not covered.   

And will your employer cover the rest of the children for school when they start going?   as that is another big expense.

Thanks for your reply .

You don't think that the 30000AED will cover the housing ?

Regarding medical insurance, school might be able to cover ( i will try to negotiate it if possible)

I'm not saying the offer is good. Talk to your employer and negotiate other items not mentioned below.
    - Base salary – AED 10,800/month
    - Housing allowance – AED 30,000/month
    - Full health medical insurance coverage (family of 5) – not mentioned
    - Round trip flight ticket R&R (family of 5) - not mentioned
    - Transportation allowance - not mentioned
    - Education allowance (upfront for 3 children) - not mentioned

I assumed housing is 30,000 a year - wasn't specified.   If it is 30,000 a month then that is enough.   Keep in mind that any good 2-3 bed apartment is upwards of 70-100K a year.

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