receiving packages from America...anyone else experiencing this?

I have been living in VN for going on 5 years now. when I first arrived here and ordered something from America FedEx would just knock on my apartment door with the package and I would pay the tax and that would be problems. since then it has been getting increasingly more difficult to get that package from FedEx to me. example: I ordered some books (a small quantity) and had to go to the Information and Communications office and get an import license for 8 books! I ordered some bath wash and hand lotion (10 items) and now I have to go to the Food and Drug Administration to get these items cleared! I ordered an electric toothbrush (clearly marked on the invoice) and they tell me that there is no tooth brush in the actual package! maybe someone has an explanation for all the increased paper work....just asking

this is the reason I'm happy to pay 10usd/kg to freight forwarding company and save me from this shit ;)

[at]Wald0 what freight forwarding company do you use?

[at]lord enki how did you know you needed to get more documents to allow them in?

I have a package shipped from US by US Postal Service.  It arrived in HCM 1/31 but hasn't been delivered yet- not sure if I need more paperwork.  Does anyone know how I can check?  USPS doesn't give me much information....

I got an email from FedEx

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