New in Toulon


I'm Abi and I've just moved from Southsea, in the UK to my in-laws place in La Seyne Sur Mer. 

Now that we are here, I'm hoping to start a small creative business and my husband is learning to code.   It's kind of a new start for us both, but in familiar surroundings as this where my husband grew up and  we have been coming to the area for around 10 years on holiday : ) but my French is still rubbish so I'm going to have to improve on that.

I'm sick of the wind here already but loving the blue sky and sunshine.  Beats the grey skies of home.
I'm hoping to meet friends, learn the language, obviously, and start my business.

Some of my interests include:

Art, crafts and design
Visiting exhibitions
Nature, gardening and being outdoors
Good food and wine
Exploring cities

Say hi!

Best wishes,

Welcome on our website,

Hope you will enjoy it.

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