Moving to Spain

Good Morning
We are 64 and 63.
We own our own house have savings, and own a, Motor home and have two small dogs.
Hubby is desperate to move to Spain. But as it stands now, we get free Precriptions , I know we would have to pay if we move to Spain. Would living in the Motor home for a, few months, be an option. Would we have to pay tax on our savings. And lastly is Spain allowing brits to be nationals, of Spain. What cost would this be for us. Also our state, pension would we only receive a percentage of it if we move permanently to Spain. Thanks

I cannot see why of you have proof of income and 100% health care why living in a motorhome would be a problem with becoming resident

Unless you have assets over 700,000 euros then one only pays tax on income.  If you have an inlet property in addition to your principle home, anywhere in the world, then as a tax resident on spain there is a tax to be paid

Those on average incomes pay 10% of the cost of prescribed medicines up to a maximum of 8 euros per month

With a few exceptions one must be legally resident in Spain for ten years before they can apply for nationality.

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