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Hi all,

Nice to meet you. I am working in singapore since 2012. I am working as Physiotherapist and registered under singapore allied health council. Recently I applied for new job and received the offer. Therefore, I have resigned from my current employer and serving the notice period right now while my future employer proceeding to apply Spass for me through MOM. This morning my future employer HR informed me that my Spass application was rejected. MOM didn't enclose the reasons. I have reviewed my application documents and I have relaized that there is a small difference in graduation certificate notarial. I have updated my graduation certificate notarial last year and it has a typo at graduation registration number. So it is different from the previous my ex employer application. I have spoken to the furture HR . They said they may go for appeal. However, my employment status is based on the application result. I am very worried. I have two weeks left with my current employer. I heard the appeal process takes 3 weeks or more than that. I am not sure how may success rates for the appeal. I am very confused that should I apply new job as my submitted my resignation to current empolyer.

I have singapore allied health license to work as physiotherapist in singapore. My future company is very big organization and I believe they have sufficent quota for Spass.

May I know the success rate for appealing Spass?

We have informed numerous times here that don’t resign your current job till the time new work pass gets approved.

You have taken a risk and now nothing can be done. If the appeal result didn’t come within the time frame then you must have to leave Singapore. In worst case, if your appeal didn’t approve then you have to find a new employer to apply work pass for you.

In future, before taking risk, gather the pros n cons then assess if you can take such risk or not. Good luck

Thank you for your advice. I have learned from my mistake. I will be more careful in the future.

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