Dependent visa cancellation within one month

Hello people,

I just wanted to ask one question, currently i am in Malaysia on dependent pass as my wife is working here i have recently came Malaysia just 25 days back and i got a job here itself so now my dependent visa cancellation form came and i did submitted in my wife's organisation but now they are telling we need to pay some penalty because you didn't completed 2 months of your dependent paas. Is it like this here that if you have not completed 2 months of your dependent visa so for cancellation of that you need to pay fine. Please if anyone can help me that wil be highly appreciated. Thanks.

1. Who paid for your dependent pass? You or your wife's company?
2. Who requested the penalty? Company or immigration?

I am not sure about immigration penalty for not completing at least 2 months of dependent pass.

But, if your wife's company paid for your dependent pass and it is the company who requested the penalty, it is quite reasonable for them to do that.
They spent time, money and effort to get you a dependent pass but now suddenly you want to cancel. So, maybe they want to get compensation for their effort.

1) My wife paid for the dependent paas not her company morevoer they have taken 1000rm extra for dependent visa saying that its agent fees.

2) The penalty is requested from my wife's organisation.

Usually, agents will charge very high price.
Some companies who process the visa by themselves will not have this issue.

I'd tried to check on the internet about penalty for not utilizing dependant pass but cannot find any info.

Check your visa sticker whether the place of issue is ESC. If yes, you may try to check with MyXpats on the penalty issue:
MyXpats are fast in giving response, even replying emails.

But, try to ask in objective manner, checking whether the penalty is real exist and if yes, whether it is legal to do so.

Thank you for the help really appreciated.

But the place of issue on my dependent visa is UNIT IMIGRESEN PAS PENGGAJLAN DI MDEC.

The immigration rule (whether penalty exist or not) shall apply to all the branches.

Or, you may check with  MDEC immigration office

But i never deal with MDEC immigration office.
Not really sure about their response speed for inquiries.

I can't upload the MDEC contact picture on the previous post.
You can find it on > contact us > contact directories > staff directories > ibu pejabat > bahagian khidmat ekspatriat > wakil imegresen di mdec

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