Any recommendation : Private French Language Learning Center

Hi everyone,

Is there anybody here who is from Aix En Provence or Marseille? Do you happen to personally know some private learning school or center for learning french language? Even just the name of the institution then I will do the job of researching from there. 

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you  :)


Have a look there

Oh thank you so much Phipiemar. I will look into it.  :top:

I do not how good it is because all depends on the teacher but there is IS-Aix or otherwise destinationfrançais seems interesting.  I am also a French language coach  and I propose French homestays but in Montpellier. I hope you will find the best solution for you.

Hi Anne-Elisabeth > please advertise your services here: … asses.html


Thanks for the info. I'm actually looking for french language school or private learning center that could meet the requirements for me to get a student visa in france so i can stay for long.

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