Filipino with Schengen Visa in Poland

I'm new here in Poland. Currently working in a resort as a waitress. I'm holding a Schengen Visa with working permit. My cousin and her husband lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands and they wanted me to go there and try my luck finding a job. My question is, is it hard to find a job there especially if the language you speak is English? And is it okay to apply for a job there holding a schengen visa only?

Hi again.

Not speaking the local language is never a good position to be in.  If you are looking for work, it means that you will only get menial work such as filling shelves or pushing pallets in a warehouse.

You can visit the Netherlands for up to 90 days on your Schengen visa; you may not work without going through the Dutch Immigration system, which in your case includes needing to learn and then pass a Dutch language exam.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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