How many days will it take for "Pass Approval Stage" to change?

Hi I am new to the community.
Currently, I am about to be employed by an agency in Malaysia.
And they have processed my visa.

My Question:
I'm currently at "Pass Approval Stage".
1. Do you guys know how many days will it take to change?
2. How many more steps (days) will it enquire until I can visit Malaysia and start working?

I am from Indonesia.

:unsure I am not sure whether your pass is processed through ESD or not.
If ESD, you can check status here:

If ESD, the client charter said, "Once all required documents have been submitted, all applications will be processed within five (5) working days."

But, it still depends on the information submitted by your company. If everything good, then result can be known within 5 working days.
If something wrong, then the company need to amend and resubmit, and wait another 5 working days.
So, the process of "return - amend - resubmit" will run over and over until everything is good to clear.

Again, if through ESD, once approve, your company will send you approval letter and VDR letter for you to apply one-time-entry-pass from Malaysia embassy/ high commission in Indonesia.

Then, you have to expect a few more waiting time from the embassy.
After you got the VDR pass/ one-time-entry-pass, then only you can enter Malaysia.

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