Giving Birth

Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and I was wondering if you could offer some advice/help.

My husband moves to Riyadh tomorrow and I plan to move out there in June. I am very early days pregnant and we have decided that if all goes well we plan to have the baby in Riyadh as my husband’s company will be providing health care insurance.

I need to have a c section due to my previous birth and time scales..I guess I am just apprehensive of the unknown! Can anyone tell me if their experiences being pregnant in Riyadh and/or a c section birth? How would it work as I am already pregnant - who do I contact once I arrive there and how do I transfer my notes over from NHS in the UK to a hospital in KSA? Is the antenatal care of a good standard over there or would I be better travelling home to have the baby?

Any advice would be great!

Hi dear,

My advice would be that its better to go back ko US for your delivery.

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