Tuberculosis declaration


I applied for EP and I had my pre-employment medical exam prior the release of IPA and was advised by HR that I’m fit to work.

During my medical exam, I declared in the medical center that I had Tuberculosis and issued clearance from the medical doctor that treated me that I’m treated since 2009. The Xray results also showed my lungs are cleared and no lesions or scars. Thus, Fit To Work Clearance.

When I received the Declaration Form in the IPA, it states a clause that says “I declare that I did not suffer or suffering from Tuberculosis.“

I called HR and clarified that I can’t sign the Declaration form as it will be misrepresentation because I declared in my medical that I was treated for Tuberculosis in 2009.

HR told me that MOM might cancel my IPA as I did not declare in my application form that I was treated for Tuberculosis. I mentioned to HR that I was not able to see that part in the application form and I have no intent to lie in the application of EP. If I have intentions to lie, then I will not declare it in my medical exam.

Are there any similar case here? Did you still get your Employment Pass?

Thank you for the help.

A cured ex-TBC-patient can get an EP, no problem here.
So you can (and should) declare the truth, no matter what HR says.

Thanks, Beppi.

I declared the truth in my medical exams in a Singapore medical center.The Xray showed cleared lungs. And I was given Fit To Work clearance. I went to SG to just have medical exam while waiting for IPA / EP approval.

How do I go about the declaration form in IPA? Can I sign it even if it says “I declare I have not suffered?” Will this be a problem when I enter Singapore?

As I said, you should tell the truth.

Thanks, Beppi. Shall I call MOM and ask them to revise the Declaration Form?

Is this the correct process?

Yes, you or your employer should probably do that.

Thank you so much 🙏🏻

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