Disease outbreak in China

Hi all,

I hope you're all doing well despite the recent news. I am writing to let you know we, at Expat.com, have written a little guide on what to do when there is a disease outbreak in your host country.

We would very much like to hear from you. How are you dealing with the situation as an expat in China? Are you worried? How has life been since the outbreak?

Please do let us know and we could include your little testimony (even anonymously) in our next piece!

Thanks again and don't hesitate to get back to us with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.


Hi, I'm expat in Shanghai. The situation is not that bad as described on media. Everyone here is practising good precaution with mask everywhere they go, the government also enforce a longer Chinese New Year holiday until Feb 10 to corporates and Feb 17 on schools. Though the rising number to 15k confirmed patient up to date sounds very serious, but we must know that the influenza is happening worldwide every day.

Hello, this is Amy at Zhongshan, Guangdong.  I live in a gated community.  They check my temperature at the gate when I go in/out occasionally for necessities.  I get screened at the entrances of shopping centers.  I see store staffs spray on each other sanitizer and wipe rails and handles.   All business are taking great caution. 
Too bad we are in China now, lucky that we are not in Wuhan.  I’m very proud of the folks here taking care of the community diligently.  I pray for people suffering and in stress.  It’s going to be Okay.  Looking forward to the turning point, though I know it’s not going to be too soon.  My personal guess is maybe by the end of March?

My wife and our two year old went back for Spring Festival on January 20th.  By Jan.  23th the shyt had hit the fan with the Virus being the main news.  Instead of the fun time she was expecting, she was locked down in her village.  The village leader used a car to block the only driveway in, but she convinced him to let her out, so she could get back to her condo in civilization. 

Once there we scrambled for a ticket.  She had no masks but was able to find some I had left behind a couple years ago.  The risk was either stay in her Condo and hope they dont get infected or attacked by desperate hordes eventually, or get on a packed train and take a packed plane back to the US and risk infection amongst so many people. 

I convinced her to return.  She almost missed her train as her city of 1 million people had no taxis by then and the busses and the rest had stopped running.  Every day is important as things were getting shut down all the time.  But she made it.  Luckily the high speed train was mostly empty with no one in the rows in front or in back of her. 

Unfortunately the planes to the US were packed. 

My friend and I donned full bunny suits, gloves, masks, and goggles to pick her up at the airport.  And this is for someone not expected to be infected, and who had gone no where near Wuhan or Hubei province.  But better to be safe.  We stuck her in our downstairs apartment for 2 weeks, while I left food outside the door and lived in the rest of the house.  I worked nights to avoid infecting workmates in case I got infected picking them up at the airport.  My friend who drove also self-quarantined for 2 weeks.  But we all came through OK so far.  If 14 days is correct, it is all good.  But recent reports put the incubation period as potentially longer, so we shall see.  We got them back on January 28th.

Thank you all for your responses and be safe out there!


Dear expats,

We are a mixed family from Hungary and Catalonia with a 3 year old child and we are expecting our second baby to arrive in September. My husband has been offered a job as a fencing trainer in Beilun neighbourhoods, Ningbo city.
We should travel late June. I'm quite worried, both because of the virus and arriving there 7 month pregnant with a young child, giving birth there. I'm afraid that both my son and our yet unborn will not be safe. I'm worried about being attended by an unknown health system.
I would really appreciate opinions, recommendations.

Thank you,


There is an American with a Chinese wife and 3 year old who posts YouTube videos from Ningbo.  Lookup Jayoe Nation to see their life.  Currently they ran away from Ningbo and finished up their 2 week self-quarantine in the US. 

We had our baby in Guangzhou.  The hospital systems in China are not geared toward individual care, and instead have to process a ton of people.  Our small hostpital room (about the size of a hotel room),  had 4 new moms in it, along with 4 crying babies, and 4 dads or motherinlaws who were there most the time.  We were in there for like 6 days with my wife being unable to leave the hallway and me fetching food back and forth. 

It was even difficult to find a hospital to let us have the baby, as they all wanted to only deliver to patients who they had given all the tests in the months before to.  It is likely better to have it the baby in Europe. 

I would not expect Wuhan virus to be less in June.  Consider carefully.

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