Electric Bill and Electric Meter

Been staying for past 2 months in Olive Tree Residences, Bayan Lepas. We received our first month of TNB electric bill, and we need to pay RM509 due to 1000 kwh usage.

We were surprised since we are just using 2 airconditions for roughly 4 hours per night, fridge, washing machine once a week, TV roughly 4 hours per day. Water heater is built-in in our condo but we rarely use it. Our colleagues from other buildings have more appliances in use or same number of appliance but use them more than us, but they only pay around RM200-300 per month.

We consulted with TNB and were told reason for high consumption record is due to 3-Phase Meter. Do you think this is true? Or do we need to ask our landlord to check the unit's internal wirings that may be causing high-electric usage?

Any advise or tips regarding this will be greatly appreciated!

It could be due to the lighting. If the apartment has lots of downlights and they switch on immediately without any flickering then that may cause a higher bill. Also, some people say the new electrical meters give a higher electricity bill than the older ones. You could call in an electrician who can go through your apartment and tell you exactly why the bill is so high.

Incidently, I used to live in a 1400 sq ft apartment in Bukit Bintang and had four airconditioners but usually used one in the living room in the daytime and one at night, but much longer hours than you seem to use yours. Our bill was about Rm200 to 300 per month.

Then I moved to my 1800 sq ft apartment in Bangsar after my tenant moved out, and my monthly bill was Rm800 to Rm1100 per month. The aircons were mostly 2.5 hp in the master bedroom and living room. I changed the meter for a newer one and my electrician thought it was the down lights of which there were 48 of them. I remember asking my contractor to remove the starters because I hated the flickering when I switched them on.

The thing is, I believe our consumption in both apartments was not all that different. But I was also told that the bill may be different in different areas. Again not sure if that is true.

I've got another apartment in South Bangsar which I am renting out to a couple. I get an email copy of the bill and it is usually around Rm150 to Rm200 per month.

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