Permanent Residence (Type D) - Brussels 1000

Good afternoon,

I am coming up to having spent five years in Belgium, and so hope to apply for permanent residency (Type D) in the near future. I am fine with the various documents etc that are required, but have a practical question.

I live in Brussels 1000 commune and wondered if anyone has experience making an application there recently. Do you need to physically go to the commune with your documents and make the application, or do you initially need to provide the documents via email (I see, for example, that the website for the foreigner’s office refers to making applications for an “unlimited stay” via email, but it’s not entirely clear if this is the same thing).

Any recent experiences at Brussels 1000 would be appreciated.



I would advise you to go by yourself the first time and if further papers are needed you'll send by email.
At least you'll immediately know if something's wrong or missing as you talk with the right people :cheers:

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